The Dental Implant Process: What’s Involved?

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Dental implants are the most popular tooth-replacement option for men and women in Fort Worth who have loose or missing teeth. Our doctors at Fort Worth Oral Surgery see thousands of patients every year, many of whom are interested in having dental implants placed. They understand how stressful it can be to find out that you need to have teeth replaced, but with our caring team, we can help turn your situation into a positive experience. Read More

3 Dental Implant Myths Debunked

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When men and women have loose or missing teeth, they often call our doctors to discuss All-on-4 dental implants. Each of our doctors call Fort Worth home and are deeply committed to the community. After thousands of consultations and surgeries over their years of practice, our doctors have seen and heard just about everything –… Read More

How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After an Extraction?

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Many of our dental patients who learn they need dental implants to replace an extracted tooth or teeth want to know how soon they can get the implants placed. After all, they don’t want to lose eating functionality, and they don’t want to lose their beautiful smile either. Our doctors are very honest with patients… Read More

Factors That Can Influence Dental Implant Success

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Many of our dental patients who learn they need dental implants are pleasantly surprised – and relieved – to learn that this state-of-the-art tooth replacement system has a success rate of over 90%. This means that in less than 10% of all patients, dental implants fail – meaning they either fall out or become so… Read More

5 Dental Implant Aftercare Tips

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Our doctors at Fort Worth Oral Surgery place dental implants in thousands of patients every year. This is a rewarding experience for us, as we are giving our patients the oral health, biting functionality, and smile they deserve. Placing implants is considered oral surgery, and just like you’ll need to take special care of yourself… Read More