If your surgery is in the morning, have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the previous night. If your surgery is in the afternoon, have a liquid breakfast (Carnation Instant Breakfast, juice, coffee) before 8:00 am. Have nothing to eat or drink after 8:00 am except enough water to take medicine as directed by the doctor. 

Wear a shirt/blouse with loose-fitting or short sleeves. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home. 

Someone must come with you on your surgery day prepared to:
• Stay in the office during the procedure
• Drive you home
• Care for you at least the first 3-4 hours after surgery.

Prepare ice packs to be used on the day of surgery: Combine 10 cups water with 2 cups rubbing alcohol. Divide into eight quart-size freezer bags. Freeze for 24 hours. Commercial ice packs may also be used. 

Have enough soft foods such as soups, instant breakfast, milk, ice cream, and juices on hand for the next few days.

Park under the covered parking area near the door marked “Patient Exit” and enter the office through the front lobby.

Download these instructions here

If you have any questions prior to your scheduled surgery, please call our office at (817) 731-2789