Sedation dentistry should be administered by properly trained professionals. If you have a cavity that needs filling or are due for your routine bi-annual cleaning, then you should see your general dentist. They are competent professionals who treat a variety of common dental issues. But if you have a dental concern that requires anesthesia because it is more invasive and complex, then you should seek out an oral surgeon who has had the training and education to guarentee a safe procedure. The purpose of sedation dentistry is to help patients relax as they go through difficult dental procedures. Many people in Fort Worth understandably need some assistance when it comes to remaining calm and relaxed, so our oral surgeons will do everything they can to accommodate our patient’s needs.

There are many factors patients should consider when preparing for oral surgery so we recommend that our patients learn the facts about sedation dentistry, especially if their procedure should include anesthesia. There are many reasons patients choose Fort Worth Oral Surgery, one of which is our properly trained, educated anesthesia expertise. Our extensive training in anesthesia gives our patients peace of mind knowing that they will have a safe experience. Visit with our oral surgeons to get a better understanding of what your surgical procedure will entail.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

A few types of sedation dentistry are available to patients in the Fort Worth area. The type each patient needs mostly depends on their preference, but we will also make a suggestion based on the patient’s overall health and the procedure being performed. The types of sedation dentistry include:

  • Local anesthesia. Local anesthesia works by numbing the specific area where the dental work is being completed, so most of our patients will only feel very slight pressure. Many times local anesthesia is administered along with one of the other types of sedation dentistry.
  • IV sedation or general anesthesia. This is the strongest type of sedation dentistry, as it will typically put patients into a deep sleep throughout the dental procedure. It’s best to discuss IV sedation or general anesthesia with our doctors thoroughly during your consultation in order to understand the process.

Is Sedation Dentistry Necessary?

Our oral surgeons generally recommend sedation dentistry for Fort Worth patients who cannot go forward with their procedure without it. Anesthesia is designed for procedures where the patient will need to remain still for a significant amount of time and where the type of oral surgery is extensive.

How the Process Works

While there are many considerations to make regarding sedation dentistry, the process is relatively straightforward once patients have been educated by our oral surgeons. If patients choose oral sedation, we will write a prescription and give clear instructions on when to take it. If patients choose nitrous oxide, then no preparation is needed prior to the procedure. With IV sedation or general anesthesia, our doctors may ask patients to refrain from taking certain medications, but this and other concerns will be addressed during your consultation.

While these may all seem like straightforward procedures, it is only because our doctors have years of expertise and have accumulated thousands of hours of training administering anesthesia and performing other forms of sedation dentistry. It’s important to note that it is much more involved than nitrous oxide. This is why the expertise of an oral surgeon is critical for a safe procedure.

Main Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Every patient in Fort Worth can benefit from sedation dentistry in different ways, depending on their outlook on dental procedures. For example, if a patient wants to be awake throughout a procedure, but wants to avoid the typical pain level associated with it, then nitrous oxide may be helpful for some patients. We recommend consulting with our doctors before to determine if you’re a good candidate. On the other hand, if patients tend to avoid necessary dental procedures frequently for any reason, then IV sedation, general anesthesia or oral sedation may be beneficial. The main thing patients should remember is dental work shouldn’t be avoided, and sedation dentistry can be a solution for alleviating any concerns.

However, even though sedation dentistry is common, patients should be cautious when it comes to who they allow to administer it. Fort Worth patients should feel confident that our oral surgeons have all of the necessary training and experience needed to safely administer any of these types of sedation.

Why Can’t I Be Sedated By My General Dentist?

Dentists can provide minimal sedation to patients, such as oral sedation or nitrous oxide. Since there are various levels of sedation dentistry, dentists are often required to hold special certifications or permits in order to administer different types. Whereas your general dentist is trained to treat common dental concerns, oral surgeons have many more years of specialized training which is necessary to guarantee safe and smooth outcomes. Oral surgeons receive extensive hands-on training, so they are qualified to administer the stronger types of sedatives that may be needed in some procedures. Typically, most general dentists will refer Fort Worth patients to oral surgeons if the nature of their oral health issue is out of the scope of their expertise.

Our oral surgeons at Fort Worth Oral Surgery will discuss any dental procedure thoroughly, including offering sedation dentistry, if needed. We strive to create a relaxing environment from the moment you walk through our doors to the time you leave following your dental procedure. It’s our goal to ensure you are comfortable throughout any process, so we are completely transparent with you along the way. We recommend choosing FWOS for your next big surgery to guarantee a safe and smooth procedure.

Be sure to contact our office in Fort Worth at (817) 731-2789 to schedule your consultation and learn more about how sedation dentistry could be beneficial for you.