Surgical Extractions Fort Worth Oral Surgery

Why Surgical Extraction?

Every tooth extraction is different. Some are simple and some require more extensive procedures. Surgical extraction is required whenever the tooth cannot be removed by simple forcep extraction. Conditions that warrant surgical removal would include cracked teeth, impacted teeth, severely decayed teeth, or any condition that makes the extraction a bit difficult. This type of tooth extraction is routine in our Fort Worth office and is nothing to be afraid of.

What’s Involved?

A small incision is usually required to gain access to the root or bone. The tooth is often removed in pieces by use of a small drill. Splitting the tooth up into pieces actually allows for less bone removal and more rapid healing. Grafting the extraction defect is an adjunct to rapid healing that is occasionally utilized. If sutures are required, they dissolve and come out over the next week.

Your Recovery

Recovery is generally rapid with all but the most difficult extractions. Gauze will be provided to put pressure on the extraction site to control any bleeding. It is best to plan a restful remainder of the day. Return to normal activity can begin the next day but chewing in the area will require a few more days. A good rule of thumb is to “let comfort be your guide”. If you can do it comfortably, it likely won’t have a negative effect on your healing.

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